A Millennial Physician Getting Back to Broke
(and Beyond)

I’m an Anesthesiologist and Pain Medicine physician working in the Mid-Atlantic.

I have over $250,000 in debt, and I intend to have it paid off by 3-5 years out of fellowship.

This is a chronicling of my mistakes, my successes, and my accumulated wisdom on the journey to get back to broke (and beyond).

Net Worth History

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Checkup – July 2019

Well it’s finally here. I start my first attending job tomorrow, and it’s the first day of the rest of my life in more than one way. We’ll see how well I can execute on all the self-education and groundwork I’ve been working on for the past few years. Reading

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Checkup – June 2019

Late (and abbreviated) post this month. Have spent the past week moving and settling in to my new city, with still much to be done. I don’t start my new gig until the beginning of August, and I’ve been cherishing this time with Mrs. PayItBack and our little one. Budget/Cash

Checkup – May 2019

OKAY, lord knows I’m a perfectionist, but up above is what I hope will be the final iteration of my net worth tracker. I’ve redone a lot of the timeline so that it better reflects the merging of my wife and my finances when we got married, rather than just

Checkup – April 2019

I’VE PASSED MY ANESTHESIA BOARDS. There is now nothing standing in between me and life as a successful physician. It is actually surreal to not have something looming in the distance, some wall or storm on the horizon. There has always been one more interview, one more test, one more

Checkup – March 2019

Somewhat swamped with fellowship work and planning for next year, so this will be a brief one. I got my first real doctor check in the form of a signing bonus, and while taxes took their obligatory bite out of it, it’s a still a crazy feeling and barely feels

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