The following is a collection of financial statistics of the PayItBack household, updated quarterly (last updated 4/1/24).

The Big Picture

My tracking started in 2010 when I entered medical school, and it saw my net worth drop to a low of -$219,840 in July 2014.

It has generally been a slow steady march upwards at best, and treading water at worst.

Debt Avalanche

This chart recorded our progress toward wiping out our non-revolving, non-mortgage debt (cars and student loans). We focused on higher interest rates first, and spent a lot of time making minimum payments.


We purchased our home in June 2022. We put 10% down and carry a mortgage with a fixed interest rate of 4.00% on a 30-year term. We would like to be in a paid-off home within 10-15 years, but we are not making additional payments to principal at this time given the relatively low interest rate.

Financial Independence Date

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