My Biggest Money Mistakes (So Far)

I’m a relatively recent convert to the financial independence mindset. I’m doing my best to invest for the future, avoid market-timing, and minimize my recurring lifestyle expenses. This has been relvetively easy so far, both because of the information and inspiration I have been able to extract from a number of financial blogs, but also … Read more

Investing vs. Loans

Probably the first financial question I had after graduating medical school was what to do with this new windfall, the foreign concept known as a ‘paycheck’. Everyone talks about the transition from residency to independent practice as single the biggest financial event in the life of a physician, and this is true. Your (pretax) income … Read more

My Story

Becoming a physician was not a life-long dream. Growing up I was incredibly fortunate to live in an affluent suburb; coming from an upper middle-class family with access to excellent schools, I had every opportunity to learn and to be successful. To use the baseball metaphor, if I wasn’t born on third base, by the … Read more

First Post

This is the first post of Dr PayItBack, my personal blog and chronicle of my journey to get back to broke and beyond. I’m an Anesthesiologist who finished residency training in the US in the spring of 2018, and I am currently working at a one-year fellowship in Pain Medicine. I graduated medical school in … Read more