Checkup – June 2019

Late (and abbreviated) post this month. Have spent the past week moving and settling in to my new city, with still much to be done. I don’t start my new gig until the beginning of August, and I’ve been cherishing this time with Mrs. PayItBack and our little one.

Budget/Cash Flow

This month and next are going to hurt, with a lot of moving expenses, new furniture, and probably eating out as we get the new house up and running.

Insurance is crazy high because I exercised the future-increase rider on my disability insurance, and I was erroneously charged for a few months at the new rate retroactively. This should be reimbursed in the near future (it better be!), but in the meantime it throws off the numbers for this month. My new rate will be $472/month for a $15,000/month benefit. This comes out to a premium:benefit ratio of 3.14%. In addition to approximating my second-favorite transcendental number, it falls squarely within the 2-6% range quoted by the White Coat Investor, so I feel pretty good about it.

Net Worth

This figure is a lot cleaner now that I refinanced all of my remaining student loans with Earnest (Mrs. PayItBack’s remain separate). And the recent bull market has made the other numbers look pretty. Barring any unforeseen catastrophe, I expect next month to be the nadir for both our debt and net worth, as we coast off of half a paycheck into greener pastures.

How Far I’ve Come

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