Checkup – September 2018

Budget/Cash Flow

Maybe there’s no such thing as a ‘normal month’, but this was an odd month. What the hell is that miscellaneous category?

  • $2,100 for the pleasure of registering for my anesthesia oral boards next spring (on the plus side, I passed my written boards!)
  • $500 for the pleasure of buying a new iPhone 7 after our toddler decided to grab my wife’s phone and chuck it at the playground equipment

So take those out, and this month suddenly looks a lot more reasonable. Restaurant bill is down when we aren’t eating every meal out on vacation. And everything else is fairly stable. Phone bill is transiently elevated while we switch my wife over to my Verizon plan from Sprint.

Net Worth

I’ll be graphing our net worth over time on a monthly basis with each of these checkups. Not every month will be a net gain, in fact there may be many of these months over the next year as I shell out money to travel for job interviews and jump through the various hoops of licensing and accreditation. One of my goals is to not act like a bigger salary is on the way, though, so I’m still going to curtail expenses within reason. After all, there are a lot of folks my age with debt pretty close to mine, who didn’t get a potentially lucrative medical education in return. They’re figuring out how to make it work, and so can I.

How Far I’ve Come

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