I’m a recent Anesthesiology grad and current Pain Medicine fellow working in the Mid-Atlantic.

I have $200,000+ in debt, and I plan to have it paid off by June 2021, two years after I finish fellowship.

This is a chronicling of my mistakes, my successes, and my accumulated wisdom on the journey to get back to broke (and beyond).

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Checkup – November 2018

Budget/Cash Flow Biggest thing to say this month is to give huge props to my wife, who is killing it in the work-from-home game. She’s been grading standardized exams, teaching English to none-native speakers via Skype, and watching another toddler for a few hours a week. All this on top

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Fun and Profit with Credit Card Extended Warranties

I am an Apple fanboy. I’m writing this on my Apple MacBook Pro while wearing my Apple Watch and intermittently checking my Apple iPhone. I’ve been buying their products since high school, when the very first iPod came out, and the infatuation I had then has waxed and waned but

Checkup – October 2018

Budget/Cash Flow Spent a little more on groceries and a lot more on restaurants than last month, probably a consequence of going out for pizza with friends and my sister-in-law being in town. Three big lump, non-recurring expenses this month: $1,235 for my first (annual) life insurance premium, $400 for

Avoid MMM: Monopoly Money Mindset

So you’ve gotten into medical school. Your lifelong dream has come true – you are going to become a doctor! After the initial headrush, the reality starts to sink in. Well, several realities in fact (you aren’t going to attend a wedding in a different state for at least seven

Now is the Time to Sell, Unless It’s the Time to Buy

“The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.” -not John Maynard Keynes, probably People have been predicting the next recession for at least the last eight years, and this past week those people got another 15 minutes in the spotlight. The Dow dropped nearly 1400 points on

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Net Worth Nov '18:

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Aug '18: $218,750
Sep '18: $221,280
Oct '18: $223,330
Nov '18: $221,880